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November 28, 2016

Blog Posting Assignment # 3 (Due by the beginning of Class 13, December 7, 2016)

For this assignment you will have to read the following article: "A Political Wish List" (available from Blackboard), which expresses an opinion of the editors of the Scientific American magazine regarding "issues in science, health and the environment". The article was published in January 2011 issue of the Scientific American when new U.S. Congress was about to begin its work. Even though the publication is five years old the important issues discussed there are still very actual today.
According to the authors, there are several important issues, which need to be addressed immediately such as farm subsidies, climate change, smoking and protecting the Internet. Read the article and then re-arrange the list of those issues in the order YOU deem the most important. Address first two of the issues and write a paragraph (at least 7-8 complex sentences) explaining your opinion.