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Blog Posting Assignment # 3 (Due by the beginning of Class 13, December 7, 2016)

For this assignment you will have to read the following article: "A Political Wish List" (available from Blackboard), which expresses an opinion of the editors of the Scientific American magazine regarding "issues in science, health and the environment". The article was published in January 2011 issue of the Scientific American when new U.S. Congress was about to begin its work. Even though the publication is five years old the important issues discussed there are still very actual today.
According to the authors, there are several important issues, which need to be addressed immediately such as farm subsidies, climate change, smoking and protecting the Internet. Read the article and then re-arrange the list of those issues in the order YOU deem the most important. Address first two of the issues and write a paragraph (at least 7-8 complex sentences) explaining your opinion.


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The article, A Political Wishlist, published in the Scientific American magazine, expresses a number of issues present in contemporary politics. Issues addressed should be reordered from this article in terms of importance. It should be ordered as such: climate change, smoking, farm subsidies and protecting the Internet. Climate is the number one concern in my opinion because carbon emissions are becoming an increasing risk to the environment, which could have catastrophic consequences in the not so distant future. Moreover, pollution and other anthropogenic effects on the environment. Smoking should be placed as the second most important issue to combat because the number of people smoking is too high and the health effects that these people face are devastating. A Political Wishlist does an excellent job in outlining problems that America currently faces.

Food subsidies should be the top priority because it is dealing with our food supply which is essential to human survival. By changing this policy, it prevents food subsidies from going to only large farms that produces food in an unnatural way. The foods they produce are generally are high in sugar which leads to the worlds obesity and diabetes problem. These farms also allow us to breed animals in close corners which results in cheaper meat but, these methods of raising cattle create a breeding ground for diseases and also a large amount of waste. Not only does these methods of farming and breeding create health problems they also require a large amount of fossil fuel, which hurts the environment in the process. The next issue that should be addressed should be climate change. This issue is important because it effect the very world we live on. If the climate changes that dramatically it may cause earth to become unsustainable. SO we must develop a new and efficient energy source to prevent this. Protecting the internet should be 3rd because our society has become more dependent on the internet so making sure the internet is safe and secure is important. People today trust the internet with a lot of their own private information like social security numbers or credit card numbers. So to ensure these number don’t fall into the wrong hands internet security is an important matter. Smoking is 4th because it is the choice of the person to smoke. However, it is important to inform these smokers the consequences of what they are using and what they are putting in their bodies. This way it may prevent them from smoking more. These are just some of the few social issues that need to be addressed in society.

1) Smoking- I consider this issue most important because being a public health major, the negative impacts of smoking are said to be highly injurious to our populations health and so many health related problems come about.The document needs to be ratified in order to assure good health among the people of the United States.
2) Farm subsidies- Anything that messes with the food we consume is a raging issue and it should be properly taken care of. I agree with the article that sustainable integrated farming should be brought about again which creates equal grounds for commodity crops and grass for pastures.
3)Climate change- Climate change seems to be a prolonging issue and as the article says, politicians should accept the scientific calculations and quickly act in helping the issue.
4) Protecting the internet- Although considered an issue it isn't as prominent as all the other issues stated above however, like the article states, the FCC needs to do everything in their power to make sure the internet is open and safe because the internet is what I consider to be one of our crucial resources and we live in a world now where having internet access is a must.

I would arrange my list to be climate change, farm subsidies, protecting the internet and finally smoking. Climate change is the most apparent issue, it's talked about by millions and with our current president-elect I can only hope it's touched upon in his administration. Climate change has become more apparent because of the new ways to pollute the environment such as fracking and such. The next topic of grave importance is food subsidies. The improper conduct farming companies elicit needs to be addressed with new legislation, that guarantees the proper way to handle our food. Such as not harming the environment via our own food source. Or integrating farming in a way that doesn't hurt the soil we grow our crops. Hopefully the Trump administration takes into account the wants of the liberals.

Of the four issues addressed in the article, “A Political Wish List,” the issues I deem from most important to least important are protecting the internet, farm subsidies, climate change, then smoking. I consider smoking the least important of the issues because no matter how many graphic warning labels or commercials are shown, some people are still going to smoke; people know the health effects associated with smoking, but they continue to smoke.
Protecting the internet is the most important issue to me because new social media networks are being created these days, which are getting people hurt, especially dating networks. People are being in contact with strangers who they haven’t seen in person using social media. An individual may never know for sure who he or she is talking to and there are people who catfish others or try to meet up with others to get personal information or harm them. Therefore, the internet should be a place where people can connect with others safely and to ascertain information. Farm subsidies is the second most important issue on my list because I think the subsidies should be allocated evenly and not just to large farms. These subsidies are mostly rewarded to large farms and much of the food goes to factory farms, which causes pollution and contributes to the climate change. If the subsidies are evenly distributed, then the government can try to return to sustainable farming, which is better for the environment.

Regarding the list mentioned in the article , I would rank it as the following (most to least important); Climate Change, Protecting the internet, Farm subsidies, and smoking. The reason I’m ranking Climate Change as number one is because that is the only thing on the list that greatly impacts almost every aspect of the life we are living. It impacts the food we eat, the economy, communities and much more. It is also hard to ‘turn back time’ and rewind the damage that has already been done so this is just one of those topics which require a lot of attention towards to ensure that no further damage will be done in the future. Number two on my list is protecting the internet because let’s face it, the internet is the future and it will only continue to gain more and more importance as time goes on. It is one of those things on the list which is not already corrupt, so it is important that it be protected considering the weight of everything that can be found on the internet. People’s lives are on the internet along with very personal information (banking, taxes, etc) so when put into prospective with everything else, if this article had been written at a more recent time, I believe it would have ranked higher on the authors list.

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